The lucky rice festival in San Francisco

by foodhoe on September 22, 2014

This is the scene at the Lucky Rice festival, the annual celebration of Asian culinary culture in America that was held at the dramatic Bently Reserve conference center in San Francisco earlier this month.  The Lucky Rice festival showcases Asian culture through cuisine and cocktails and shares it with food enthusiasts in a traveling road show where the chefs and bartenders for each event change to highlight local restaurants.


The presenting sponsor is Bombay Sapphire East, where the venerable Bombay Sapphire gin has been given an Asian twist with the addition of aromatic lemongrass and black pepper.   There were 9 different drink stations all serving specialty cocktails made with said gin, the lines were long because the drinks were made to order by meticulous mixologists, and there was a whole lotta shaking going on.  This is the 15 Romolo booth which was serving a most delicious Darjeeling Ltd, made with Bombay sapphire East Gin, Choya Ume Blanc, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, turmeric tincture, black tea tincture.


Sparkling blue glass stir sticks abounded in all of the beverages.


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Modern Mexican Cuisine at Papito West, SF

by foodhoe on September 16, 2014

425 a hayes st. SF 94102 | 415.554.0541  | website


I met my friend DebbieG for a hosted dinner last week at Papito West in Hayes Valley.  A hosted dinner you ask?  One of the perks of being an obsessive chronicler of everything I eat is that I occasionally am invited to check out new restaurants and get to dine on the house!  This lovely restaurant is an offshoot of Papito in Potrero Hill, a Mexican bistro serving French-accented organic fare that opened earlier this year by restaurateur Jocelyn Bulow of Chez Maman and Chez Papa Bistrot with co-owner/manager David Alexander.  They bring healthy, organic Mexican food to the neighborhood with a focus on quality ingredients cooked with classic technique by chef Reynol Martinez, who worked previously at Globe Restaurant, Aperto, and Epic Roasthouse in San Francisco.  The storefront has the clean modern exterior that fits in with the edgy Hayes Valley vibe and we totally dug the excellent mural by local artist Matthew James McGowan on the back wall.  It’s a stunner isn’t it?


The space is bright and airy with high ceilings, exposed wood beams and sleek modern styling, the view looking out front is distinctly cafe or bistro-esque.


This is a  refreshing Michelada, one of the specialties of la casa.  It is made from your choice of beer on ice with tomato juice, chili, salt and lime ($5.50).  The rim of the glass was coated with a savoury spice mixture that made my lips burn and made me drink faster…


We were served a bowl of housemade guacamole with cilantro, lime juice, pico de gallo, topped with crumbles of salty pungent queso fresco ($9).  It was beautiful and very freshly made but the price was high and I honestly think they should offer a smaller portion for a smaller price.


We dug into the homemade salsa trio with chips ($3), beginning with the orange one, which we swore our server said was the mildest, but it actually was the spiciest  of the bunch (a mango habanero perhaps?).  There was a mild tomatillo salsa and the intimidatingly dark red one was surprisingly benign.


One of the things about this restaurant that initially got my attention was the fact that they are an Oysteria serving daily oyster specials and a raw bar menu that includes ceviche!  After my epic seafood quest in Baja earlier this year, I am all set to check out any Mexican restaurant serving fresh seafood.  The oysters were plump, briny and fresh.  My dining partner Debbie had a kumamoto that she thought tasted like spirulina, but I was smacking my lips over the juicy mollusks, which were served with a spicy mignonette and a thick tangy red sauce and that just meant more for me!


We had a hard time deciding from the raw bar, but were intrigued by the Crudo ($12) which came beautifully composed, strewn with brightly colored edible flowers and tiny shiso microgreens.  Thin slices of striped bass placed over thick smears of avocado mousse, topped with paper thin slices of jicama, mango, radish, and the utterly delectable fish chicharron and sparkling with mexican sea salt.  It was an elegant presentation full of fresh flavors and textures, the fish chicharrone were ethereal crispy bits that lent a rich crunch to each bite.


We shared an assortment of tacos, 4 Tacos ($15) adorned with drizzles of rich sour cream.  In the front is the camaron costeno made with sauteed shrimp, garlic, chile de arbol sauce, avocado, cilantro, red onions & mango pico de gallo. It was nicely spicy, and the shrimp were perfectly cooked.  I don’t know why I ordered this over the duck confit taco.  Hello, duck confit taco?  What was I thinking…


Our favorite of the bunch was the Pastor, made from tender marinated Berkshire pork shoulder which was a brilliant taste sensation combined with the bright flavors of roasted pineapple pico de gallo, onions, cilantro and salsa verde.  The tacos are all wrapped with La Palma organic tortillas, which were tender and so delicious that I was loathe to stop nibbling them even when I began to feel stuffed beyond belief – which my friends happens to the best of us…


I couldn’t resist ordering the Baja taco, I am a sucker for battered and fried cod drizzled with rich spicy chipotle remoulade and topped with piquant purple cabbage slaw.  It was tasty, but by the time Debbie got to hers she said it was a bit soggy.  So if you order this, make it a priority to eat it right away, as it is a universal truth that fried foods taste bestest when they are fresh out of the fryer.


The pollo empanizado: fried chicken, chipotle remoulade, salsa roja, guacamole, purple cabbage slaw was also quite good, the crispy fried chicken were tender and juicy without being the least bit greasy.


The Enchiladas mole con pollo arrived, packed into a casserole and topped with brightly colored herbs and edible flowers.  This was magnificent,tender braised chicken, rolled up in tender corn tortillas with jack cheese melted on top, slow cooked in a rich Oaxaca mole, topped with pickled onions, toasted sesame seeds served with black beans & rice ($17).  The sauce was well seasoned with spices, not too sweet, rich with flavor that was completely infused in the tender chicken.


This is a dish worth coming back for, the rice and beans were delicious and those tortillas I already raved about.


We ended with a couple of selections from the postres/desserts menu.  The decadent churros ($7), were short branches of fried dough filled with rich dulce de leche which made them feel dense and heavy, especially after so much food!  They were served with a side of chocolate dipping sauce  and dusted with powdered sugar.


Our favorite was the Flan ($7), it was rich and creamy topped with a very ripe raspberry and fresh mint served with mexican wedding cookies.


Thanks Papito West, I enjoyed this meal very much, everything was beautiful to look at, freshly prepared with interesting flavors and I really have to come back to try the duck confit taco or burrito.  Probably the shrimp tempura taco too.

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