Koja Kitchen in Walnut Creek

by foodhoe on June 16, 2017

1550 Olympic Blvd, WC 94596 | 925.448.8218 | website

I was so happy to hear that Koja Kitchen opened a restaurant in Walnut Creek.  I’ve loved their delicious koja burgers (the ones with the fried garlic rice buns) since the first time I tried one from their food truck at the Eat Real festival 5 years ago…  Koja is a unique sandwich that combines the best of Korean & Japanese flavors that are cradled within their signature crispy fried garlic rice buns. The restaurant is located at a busy downtown corner but has its own parking lot (parking meters), and I’ve been pretty lucky scoring a spot there, or in the lot by Z Gallery at Mt Diablo and Locust.

The decor is sleek and modern with edgy lighting and additional seating outside.  The format is fast-casual where you go up to the counter to order and pay for your food, they give you a pager that flashes when your food is ready to pickup.

The pager goes off, you can’t not notice the blinking lights and it vibrates energetically to get your attention. This is an exciting moment…  Your food is waiting for you on a tray at the pickup window.  This is an order of plain waffle fries that are not on the menu in the picture below.

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the tale of the catio

by foodhoe on June 15, 2017

Life was good with our cozy little cat family until the outside cat Nori got hurt and we brought her inside to recuperate.  The two younger cats were really opposed to adding another cat in the house, especially Zumi who would hurl herself at Nori shrieking like a banshee, and Nori who grew up on the streets, fought back.  So we had to keep them separated and everyone was getting stressed out from the ongoing feud.  Nori recovered from her injury and was restless being cooped up in Mr. K’s office and she began to demand that she be allowed to go back outside.  I didn’t want her to go outside because of the terrible injuries she had just in the past year…  Then I saw a photo from one of the kitten cam cats Tory and Grant, whose steward had a Catio built for them!  I became obsessed about getting a catio, which is a secured outside enclosure, and the web (namely Pinterest) is a dangerous place to feed your imagination.  The next thing you know, I found a nearby contractor who was available to start right away.  His vision:

Within the week he was building it!

Maki couldn’t believe he could go outside!  I don’t know if it is a gender thing (him being the only neutered male cat), but he was the first one to go out and he made a beeline down the walkway to the condo at the end.

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lunch at Kendejah restaurant in San Leandro

May 29, 2017

197 Pelton Center Way, San Leandro CA  94577 | 510.756.6049 | website Mr. K and I recently joined a group of Chowhounders for a lively lunch at Kendejah Restaurant in San Leandro.  I was curious to try Liberian cooking which has an interesting history because it was colonized in the early 19th century by freeborn Blacks and former slaves from America and […]

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A feast at Khai Vietnamese Nouveau

May 11, 2017

655 Townsend Street, SF, CA  | 415.724.2325 | website | reservations Mr. K and I recently went to visit Chef Dương Khải’s new restaurant which is located in the design district of San Francisco.  It creates a cozy little restaurant row along with destination restaurants Omakase and Okane tucked in amidst the design showrooms and tech companies.  The tiny restaurant has just 20 seats which makes for an intimate […]

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Sanuki Udon at Kagawa-ya in SF

May 3, 2017

I have to tell you about a new udon restaurant Kagawa-ya that opened up in the mid-Market area of SF recently.  It’s named for the Kagawa Prefecture in Japan which is known as the udon prefecture because there are over 600 udon shops and the region’s per capita udon consumption is seven times that of the national average (even though it is […]

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BBQ for a cause at Lucille’s Smokehouse in Concord

April 23, 2017

April is Autism Awareness Month and Lucille’s BBQ is supporting this by donating $1 to Autism Speaks everytime you order a Blueberry & Basil Margarita and they are participating in the Round It Up America, where you can round up your purchase to the nearest dollar amount (or more) and help families across the country through research, education, […]

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Drip Line Coffeehouse in West Oakland

April 16, 2017

Last month I was invited to check out an exciting new coffeeshop that can be found deep in the vast industrial section of West Oakland.  It’s a little off the beaten track, but you should definitely make an effort to find it, because it is a hidden gem that has more than just coffee, good company and a […]

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