Mr. K and I had a wonderful time in New Orleans, why did we wait so long to visit!  We had three full days to explore and made an effort to try as many local delicacies as we could. I mentioned here that we were in America’s foodiest city for the Chowzter North American Awards ceremony and were joined by 40+ Chief Chowzters who all take the art of eating very seriously.  There were constant tweets, instant messages and emails from my fellow chiefs who were all dedicated to squeezing in as many bites as possible.  We started the first day at the iconic Willie Mae’s Scotch HouseWillie Mae's Scotch House on Urbanspoon which is famous throughout the land for their legendary fried chicken.


Willie Mae’s restaurant was declared a James Beard American Classic in 2005 and it has so much local love that the Southern Foodways Alliance helped rebuild it after Hurricane Katrina, watch an amazing documentary about it here.  It is noted in John T. Edge’s little black book of favorite chicken places that is published in his opus, “Fried Chicken: an American Story” and is basically on every reliable list of fried chicken to be found.  We arrived when they opened, around 10:30 AM and there was a line, apparently there is always a line of devotees here at the temple of fried chicken…


My oh my, that fried chicken was something else!  The crust that develops from the freshly fried wet batter looks heavy but has a wonderful crackly texture that is surprisingly not greasy.  Whenever an order came out, noses followed the trail of the mesmerizing aroma that wafted after each plate.


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A mini-oyster crawl in the French Quarter

by foodhoe on January 20, 2015

We are oyster lovers and were delighted to find so many oyster bars in New Orleans all offering a myriad of delicious preparations to tempt us with.  We were anxious to get acquainted with the local fresh plump oysters from the gulf, so we made the rounds at a few nearby oyster bars where we enjoyed them shucked to order and served with all the fixings.  All of the oysters we had that night were from Area 3 St. Bernard Parish, below Lake Borgne.


Our first stop was at the Royal House Oyster Bar, 441 Royal Street. We were staying at the Hotel Le Marais, which is in the French Quarter and walking distance to everything.  We loved the dark wood paneling and open feel at the bar, it was warm and welcoming as if we were hanging out in a neighborhood spot.


This is our server, she was kept busy shucking oysters.  The best thing about sitting at the counter is that your server is right there if you need anything.  We loved the prices, which were $13-15 for a dozen, and it wasn’t even happy hour!


Our oyster platter arrived, served icy cold and simply with cocktail sauce, a big dollop of spicy horseradish and some fresh lemon wedges.  There are additional hot sauces, ketchup and mayo if you so desire.


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A visit to New Orleans for the 2015 North American Chowzter Awards

January 18, 2015
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Last week, Mr. K and I flew to New Orleans for a memorable long weekend where we sampled many of the Crescent City’s legendary dishes like rich gumbo, crawfish étouffée, jambalaya, po’boys, muffalettas, platters of fried chicken, red beans and rice, and the ubiquitous piping-hot beignets with steaming cups of cafe au lait from Cafe […]

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Kimchi Fried Rice

January 4, 2015
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I am cursed with that crap cold that is going around.  Runny nose, runny eyes, scratchy throat, phlegm, uncontrollable fits of coughing, it truly is a curse, but the worst thing is that my tastebuds are so blunted.  I can only taste the faintest whiff of flavor, and am pretty much limited to the basics […]

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Brunch at Green’s Restaurant

December 30, 2014
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Fort Mason Center Bldg A, 2 Marina Blvd SF, CA 94123 | 415.771.6222 | website Mr. K and I met some friends for brunch yesterday at Greens Restaurant in Fort Mason.  It was a beautiful day and this is the marina that the restaurant overlooks, with views of the Golden Gate in the far background. We were […]

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It’s time for a dungeness crab feast!

December 22, 2014
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Dungeness Crab season is in full swing and we began it last month with a crab-centric feast that was so good we are going to do it again for Christmas.  Mr. K likes to drive out to Half Moon Bay to pickup live crab from the fishing boats docked at Pillar Point Harbor, which is […]

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Go Streatery, feeding the urban peasant

December 16, 2014
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website | facebook | twitter | menu | schedule The mobile food trucks are still a novelty out here in Coco County, so I’m out stalking them during lunchtime.  One of my favorites is the Gostreatery truck which has artistic touches like rustic planters filled with succulents, distressed wood set against the shiny metal of the truck and modern edgy graphics.  It is full […]

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