A sample of the new food booths – Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

by foodhoe on July 10, 2009

Starting last week, the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market features some new street food vendors serving up delicious hot specialty dishes on Thursdays from 10am to 2pm.  There are lineup of vendors so far: Cap’n Mike’s Holy Smoke, 4505 Meats, Tacolicious, Namu: Korean BBQ tacos, Pizza Politana, Roli Roti Sandwiches, Scream Sorbet, Gobba Gobba Hey and Blue Bottle Coffee Co.

I sampled a few things from Namu, which along with Tacolicious next door, had the longest lines.  These guys were busy cranking out plates of steaming hot food, cooked to order.  Kimchi fried rice, okonomiyaki, loco moco and tacos.  I ate at their restaurant for dinner last year and I just knew this was going to be good.

Loco-moco ($9), when I read their twitter description of the gravy alone (just finished the best gravy ever… beef bones, dashi, garlic, soy, mirin, butter, love, extra love, goodness….) I knew what was for lunch.. They finally called my name and here is my lovely bulbous bowl covered with quivering gravy sprinkled with brilliant crimson flecks of dried chili and green onion.  The smells rising from the plate made me very impatient to find a spot to sit down and dig in.  There’s a nice little group of tables in between the stalls where we found seats in the shade.

Underneath the gravy is a fried egg and a grilled Niman Ranch patty served over sticky koshihikari rice.  It was indeed Oiisheee!  The one thing I missed was a bottle of Sriracha sauce….

I had to try a Korean Taco ($2.5 ea; 2/$4) ssam style, seasoned rice, kalbi shortribs, daikon and kimchi salsa, kimchi remoulade and housemade teriyaki that is folded into Japanese and Korean toasted seaweeds (yum, the crispy kind that is brushed with sesame oil).  The portion is pretty small and I would consider these great for an accompaniment or as a first course.  That crispy seaweed wrap was brilliant!

P picked up an Okonomiyaki for Daisy who was stuck at her desk….  beautiful isn’t it?  People call it Japanese pizza, but it’s basically a fritter made with chopped cabbage mixed in a savory pancake-like batter, and additional meat if you want it.  I’ve never seen it with a fried egg on top and the drizzles of kewpie mayonnaise and bulldog sauce are artfully rendered.

I had to made a beeline over to the 4505 Meats booth which had a dazzling array of their famous chicharrones.

At last long last, me and the chicharrones!  How I have longed for these after drooling over Sam’s beautiful photo at Beck’s and Posh. I really do think that due to the light and airy nature of these puffy pleasures, zero gravity equals zero calories!

oh yes it’s airy fairy stuff, like fine gossamer, translucent and delicate lacy tendrils coated with a sheen of sweet and fiery chili pixie dust that makes you keep reaching for another piece.  It’s a good thing the bags aren’t very big.   I enjoyed these very much and loved how they would snap like pop-rocks if you happen to let one of the crunchy clouds sit on your tongue for a second.

I read Ryan Farr’s post on making homemade hot dogs and have been trying to chase one down for awhile.  I was helped by his wife, who was working at the booth. She told me that it takes three days to make them.  But they are so worth it!  P let me sample his Golden Dog ($5)  It was like no other dog I’ve eaten.  The texture was fatty and luscious and all meat, no squishy fillers with little pockets of rich fatty spicy stuff that splurts into your mouth in a very satisfying manner.  Next time I’m getting the zilladog which comes with the chicharrones on top and will also be on the prowl for the bacon brownies as mentioned here.

Brennan picked up a Roast Beef and tongue sandwich ($6) from the Roli-Roti vendor.  The meat on the sandwich was juicy and tender.  Apparently, they had fries catching the drips under the rotisserie ($3), but he got this pert and fresh looking corn salad for $4.

I picked up an Orange Cardamom with Saffron Cream Gobble from Gobba Gobba Hey who was sharing the booth with 4505 meats.

You can follow them on twitter, because they are mobile and frequently send out updates on the daily flavors and where to get them.  Part cupcake, part cookie.  Ground cardamom, orange zest, threads of fresh ginger and saffron and a whole lotta cream in this two-bite version of the original gob.  Delicious!  It was a little bit gummy from being stored in the plastic wrap, but I loved the small size.  Reminded me a little of the delicious whoopie pie they used to make at the long-gone Myth cafe.  As I paused before finishing this delectable morsel, I seemed to recall the fellow telling me that these are vegan…

Wow, what a great addition to our lunch rotation!

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The Single Guy July 10, 2009 at 12:25 pm

I’m so jealous! I still have the worst options for lunch over here in Oakland. I’m going to get a boring sandwich now but will pretend it’s one of the many Korean-style dishes from Namu! I hope they extend this concept onto the weekends! Maybe Sundays when it’s not as busy as the Saturday market?
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Cookie July 10, 2009 at 1:07 pm

I totally didn’t know that the Ferry Building had these on Thursdays! At least now I know and there’s always next week! Your Loco Moco dish looks RIDICULOUS! I mean, grave, fried egg and beef? Can it get any better? I’m curious about the Korean Taco too cuz I LOVE seaweed and Kim Chee. YUM YUM YUM!
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Rosa July 10, 2009 at 3:00 pm

A great market! All that food looks so tempting!




Gastronomer July 10, 2009 at 4:01 pm

That is a disgustingly awesome lunch spread! The loco moco I downed in Hilo couldn’t touch Numu’s 😉
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grace July 10, 2009 at 5:15 pm

gobba gobba hey = awesome name, and that’s a pretty stellar-looking treat to boot.
and really, everything should be made with extra love, shouldn’t it? 🙂
[rq=26372,0,blog][/rq]have faith, young grasshopper!


Carolyn Jung July 10, 2009 at 7:20 pm

Oh man, I cannot wait to try the Thursday market for all those goodies. I think I might have to fast for a few days beforehand. There’s so much to try as evidenced by your photos, I’ll need to make room for all of it. Hah.
.-= Carolyn Jung´s last blog ..Sundays at the Village Pub =-.


foodhoe July 11, 2009 at 8:12 am

single guy, you should just plan on a long lunch and take bart over!
Cookie, you gotta check it out, the tacos were better than the look.
Rosa, it keeps getting better too
gastronomer, really? can’t wait to read about it.
grace, I love that name too. you can tell there is lots of extra love
carolyn, aha! so that’s how you keep the girlish figure!


hungry dog July 11, 2009 at 10:50 am

I’m jealous too, I have the worst lunch options. The korean taco is brilliant!
.-= hungry dog´s last blog ..Sockeye salmon with sweet corn relish =-.


cocochanelella July 11, 2009 at 6:52 pm

That loco-moco looks insane! the 4505 chicahorrones and hot dog looks like a must try. I hope I can make it this week.
.-= cocochanelella´s last blog ..#87 Out the Door – 100 Things to try before you die in SF list =-.


Kirk July 11, 2009 at 11:26 pm

In spite of the kinda weak looking gravy, that loco looked good.For cred, Id dump the sriracha, and use the classic tobasco
.-= Kirk´s last blog ..Durian Fro-yo anyone? Flavaful Yogurt =-.


foodhoe July 12, 2009 at 10:13 am

hungry dog, awww… well at least you don’t blow your eating out budget all on lunches like me!
coco, I’d eat one right now.
kirk, I consider you to be an authority, it’s probably the second locomoco I’ve ever had. It was not greasy at all either, which also probably makes it lack cred… but you know those cornstarchy sauces sometimes look kinda fluffy like that. dang I actually carry tabasco packets in my handbag!


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