Porchetta Sandwich at RoliRoti

by foodhoe on September 20, 2010

RoliRoti has one of the longest lines at the Saturday Farmers Market at the Ferry Plaza in SF.  I always walked past thinking the crazy long lines were rotisserie chicken fanatics, but it turns out the line is really for their fabulous Porchetta Sandwich.  According to the schedule posted on their website, they can be found at many locations throughout the week, but the porchetta is only served Thursday and Saturday at the SF Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, and in Oakland on the first Friday of the month in front of the Blue Bottle Coffee Shop at lunch.

Porchetta (por-KET-ta) is a savory, fatty and moist boneless pork roast of Italian culinary tradition. The body of the pig is gutted, deboned, arranged carefully with layers of meat, fat, and skin, then rolled and trussed, put on a spit and roasted.  You can see potatoes cooking on the bottom griddle which are augmented with the drippings of the pork (and knuckles in the basket) which revolve slowly while being transformed by the heat.

Almost everyone ordered the porchetta and the line  for that is long and moves along slowly.  And I’m just saying that you should expect to stand in line for an epic twenty or thirty minutes, and that yes, it really is worth the wait.  There is a much shorter line if you want the rotisserie chicken.

It’s really mesmerizing to watch the intense work going on behind the counter. I climbed up a convenient wooden beam in front of the counter to get a better look where I was able to watch the process of my sandwich being assembled. Roliroti’s version of porchetta is organic pork loin rolled up with herbs and spices and pork belly which is surrounded by a layer of skin that becomes crispy from the heat.

The sandwich maker hammed it up and placed the bread on top and bottom of the porchetta log.  You can see the layers of different cuts of pork laced with fresh organic herbs and spices.

Each sandwich is made to order, and the meat is cut in thin slices.  The bread is used to swipe up juice and herbs from the cutting board.

The sandwich is garnished with onion marmalade and curly cress/arugula.  The porchetta has an irresistible combination of textures, all of it is rich and juicy but the crispy bits of skin really add an extra dimension of delectable surround sound to the experience.  It is so good, so worth standing in that line…

This is Thomas Odermatt, the master rotisseur.  He and all of the crew were working with quiet and intense efficiency, cranking out delicious and addictive porky sandwiches.  I would gladly stand in line again and next time I hope to try the knuckle sandwich.

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