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by foodhoe on May 16, 2011

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Last month I had the pleasure of meeting some friends at Homeroom 510, the restaurant in Oakland that serves macaroni and cheese.  I visited here several months ago when they first opened (which you can read about here) and found the menu to be full of nostalgic delights besides the mac and cheese, like home made oreos and peanut butter pie.  Since it’s only been a few months, the menu is largely the same, although they have added brunch, tables outside for alfresco dining, and a few new items, such as grilled cheese sandwiches and french toast.  What I like best is the fact that this restaurant is owned by two women, one of which was a local blogger Alison Arevalo who is pursuing her dreams.  I met my friends for an early dinner and found it to be already bustling, but we were able to sit at the communal table to fit our party of 7. 

This is Mackenzie, also known as Mack, enjoying the housemade rootbeer.  She also enjoyed her namesake mac and cheese.  The Root Beer is a cream colored fizzy beverage,  made from Mr. S’s secret recipe ($2.5)

Suzywoo ordered the Root Beer float ($4) – made from their house-made root beer served with local three twins ice cream.

The first time I ate here, we were served dessert first, and my order was lost but I was  entertained by my dining partners Cathy and Vern from blog.  And after all, it was their first week open and I did forget to bring my number with me to the table…  This time our meal proceeded without a hitch.  We began with vegetables.  This is the Side salad with citrus vinaigrette $3.  Those greens were very fresh looking and the citrus vinaigrette smelled delicious.

Cody ordered the Minty, buttery peas ($3), do they not look wonderful springlike and buttery?

I ordered the Broccoli with homemade ranch dressing ($3), because I had it before and found the dressing to be divine.  This time, it was even better.

Here is Alison herself, out and about serving food and greeting her customers.

This is the Little Mac ($5), which is made with a mild cheddar, and served in a little bowl.  I would be happy with this, the broccoli and a slice of the peanut butter pie…

I thought I could handle spicy, but upon the first bite of the Mexican Mac ($8.5), I knew that I was not up to the task.  It felt like my face went red as a brick and steam blasted from my ears with a loud whistling sound… and that was from just one bite!  According to the menu, it’s a mixture of Niman Ranch chorizo sausage, chipotle peppers, jack cheese, and cilantro, topped with crispy breadcrumbs and served with a wedge of lime.  I could not eat the incendiary substance. My lips, recognizing the threat of a snap back gnarler, didn’t allow entry.  If you like spicy, then you are in for a scovillian treat…

Now my friend Brennan wisely asked our server what was the most popular mac, so he went with the Vermont White Cheddar ($8.5).  This is made with velvety white cheddar from Grafton Village cheese in Vermont, topped with crushed potato chips and with peas mixed in.  Oh how I wished I had ordered this.  It was soothing and creamy, topped with crunchy potato chip bits.  It is the stuff of dreams….

Chris had the Trailer Mac ($8.5O) which is a flavorful cheddary mac with thin slices of Niman Ranch hot dog and topped with crushed potato chips.  This included sauteed mushrooms.

I believe this is the Cacio e Pepe ($7.5O), sharp pecorino from Italy mixed with cracked black peppercorns and bacon. 

Suzywoo got the Bacon, Egg and Cheese ($10) made with extra-sharp cheddar, meaty bits of Niman Ranch bacon, and topped with a runny fried egg.

We shared the Homemade oreos topped with sea salt ($2.5), and I was still disturbed by the softness of the cookie.  When someone says oreo, you just expect a hard crunchy cookie. 

I had lustful thoughts about the Creamy peanut butter pie with graham cracker crust ($4) that I remembered from my last visit.  It is thick, and peanut buttery, so rich that I’m quite sure that I would not be able to finish this on my own.  But it is so good that I don’t mind sharing, just a few bites is all you need.

You can peek in at the kitchen, which is chock full of induction burners!  What a great way to expand cooking space without making the temperature go up.

And look at all my lucky stars!  More than halfway to a free mac and cheese…

So, now that Homeroom 510 is expanding their menu…  I’ve got all kinds of ideas (and this is why I am not a restaurateur). I’m thinking about a mac ‘n cheese topped hotdog, grilled cheese sandwich filled with smack ‘ n cheese, a pulled pork sammie with mac and cheese, and oh yeah, when will tuna be making an appearance on the menu girls? Or Caramelized onions as a topping?  Mac ‘n cheese croquettes?  Mac ‘n cheese sushi?  How about this, a mac ‘n cheese filled burger, ala juicy lucy but filled with mac ‘n cheese!  A link to NY’s top 12 mac and cheese monster dishes… ahhhh, a foodhoe can only wish.  I like to aim high for the pie in the sky. 

Paper airplane by Brennan who was inspired by the diagram for making such an item printed on the menu.

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Rosa May 16, 2011 at 8:38 am

Nice everyday kind of food!




Cookie May 16, 2011 at 11:34 am

YUMMY! I especially like the Bacon and Egg Mac! 🙂


Gastronomer May 16, 2011 at 4:22 pm

Awesome! Glad to hear that service is smooth sailing at Homeroom. I can’t wait to return for the Mexican Mac. Spicy is up my alley!


Michelle May 16, 2011 at 6:39 pm

great find! another restaurant to add to my list. i’m especially drooling for the homemade oreo’s. i luv luv luv soft cookies.


Single Guy Ben May 17, 2011 at 8:23 pm

Back again!? This is just 15 minutes from my apartment and I still haven’t been. But then again I don’t know what I would order there, the salad with root beer float? Oh well, after seeing your posts I feel like I’ve been there. 🙂


grace May 20, 2011 at 3:24 am

bacon, egg, and cheese mac?! peanut butter pie!?! minty peas?! what a great place!!! also, mack is adorable and very appropriately named. 🙂


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