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by foodhoe on January 11, 2012

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1546 Bonanza St., Walnut Creek, CA | 925.938.5959 |

This is one of our favorite places in downtown Walnut Creek for a quick bite to eat. It’s a cozy, quick and casual spot tucked away on a side street. The menu presents a variety of Asian influenced rice and noodle dishes, all of which are served in bowls. One of the highlights of the menu is the tender grilled chicken that is offered as the protein in many of the dishes.

They offer a quite few Korean dishes, which makes them the closest thing to a Korean restaurant in the Creek. If you ask, they will give you a bowl of garlicky housemade kimchi. It’s fresh and crunchy, spicy but not incendiary and doesn’t have any fermented funkiness.

This is the Chicken Vegetable Bowl ($7.95), which is basically a Bibimbap, full of fresh vegetables (julienned carrots, zucchini, spinach), marinated bean sprouts, topped a pile of their famous grilled chicken, covering a layer of savory vermicelli noodles (japchae) over rice. There are squeeze bottles of homemade gochujang, which is so good drizzled over almost everything. If you are unfamiliar with it, here is a very informative post on the fabulous One Fork One Spoon blog written by Grace Meng.

And if you don’t want all of those vegetables, you can order the Chicken Bowl ($7.50), which is a big pile of grilled chicken over rice and noodles. Diablo Magazine has the Hot Pork Bowl listed as #21 on their list of 101 best things to eat and drink in the East Bay. Hmmm, that list looks good, I’m tempted to try them all!

They serve a very good Dolsot Bibimbap ($9.95), served in a sizzling hot stone bowl that is heated so that the rice sizzles and cooks to form a crisp crust.

I love getting a bowl of Soondubu Jigae, spicy soft tofu soup ($8.95) when the weather is chilly. It’s bubbling hot and warms you from the inside out. It comes with a bowl of rice and salad

The Unagi Bowl ($9.95) is a generous portion of thick slices of grilled eel laid over a layer of japchae (korean vermicelli noodles) and steamed white rice. It is topped with strands of toasted seaweed and sesame seeds, which add a rich aroma and flavor. The eel is coated with a sticky sweet soy barbecue sauce and develops crispy caramelization on the edges.

The Japanese style Curry Rice ($7.95) is a generous mountain of steamed potatoes, zucchini, carrots and broccoli made with beef, chicken or pork in a thick savory curry stew that is served over steamed rice. Japanese curry is not spicy hot in the least, it reminds me of a basic brown stew with the addition of curry, and is surprisingly addictive.

My favorite of the noodle soups is the Tempura Udon ($8.95) which is served in a savory dashi broth that is flavorful and satisfying. The tempura is served in a separate plate with a bowl of dipping sauce, but I like to dip the tempura into the bowl of noodles which softens the batter and adds richness to the broth.

They offer a variety of noodles, udon, soba, saimin and something that might be ramen, all of which tend to be on the bland side but are good when it’s cold out. The Garlic Shrimp Noodle Soup ($7.50) has an entire head of garlic floating in the thin broth.

The Fishball Noodle Soup ($6.50) was filled with fresh julienned vegetables.

The Soba Salad with fresh vegetables and grilled chicken ($9.95), is a cold dish that is refreshing on a hot day. It’s served on a plate like a salad, but probably should come in a bowl because it swims in a ponzu-esque dressing (soy sauce and vinegar).

Urbanspoon needs to update their website, this used to be Sorabol, which is a Korean chain that sells teriyaki and bulgogi but doesn’t serve kimchi. Koreana Kitchen is way better than Sorabol and definitely has kimchi. It is an excellent place for a quick affordable meal and is one of the few places that has serve yourself hot tea!

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