Sauce: Belden Place in San Francisco

by foodhoe on September 10, 2012

56 Belden Place, SF, CA  | 415.397.8800 | facebook |  online reservation

My friend JT made arrangements for a belated celebration of birthdays for KC and me last month.  I picked Sauce at Belden Place because I have always loved the cozy little alley that is filled with bistros and cafes. It’s tucked away in the middle of high rises and there’s something magical about it at night.  Most of the restaurants have a European flair, but the menu at Sauce is decidedly American, serving comfort food that is meant to be shared, although I was sad that the tater tot with cheese fondue wasn’t on the menu that night…

While Belden Alley isn’t exactly family style dining, the outside patio is casual and indulged these boisterous boys who liked to see who had the loudest yell.

The menu has a great selection of social plates which are meant to be shared.  It was hard to decide because there are so many interesting sounding dishes that I decided to make a meal from these shared dishes.   I had to order the Poutine ($8) when I saw it on the menu.  This classic Canadian bistro fare features french fries topped with mozzarella cheese curds, poultry gravy & fresh herbs.  We gobbled these up quickly as we knew they would get soggy from all the rich toppings.

The Mini Chicken Potpies ($8) were like small dumplings.  Filled with Rosie’s organic chicken, english peas & carrots and a little pitcher of gravy

I think the pot pies are too small to even share and were a bit dry, but a good dosing of the savory gravy fixed that nicely.

Bacon Wrapped Mini Meatloaf ($8) served over whipped potato & pan gravy were also small and on the dry side, more like bacon wrapped meatballs.  The mashed taters and gravy were delicious.

Bowl O’ Fried Bacon ($5), made from the end bits.  This was a good munchy snack, also very good sprinkled on the other dishes: poutine, meatloaf, mac and cheese, deviled eggs… the possibilities are endless!

We shared a couple of orders of Cage-free Deviled Eggs ($6), a classic appetizer, creamy and delicious.  They tasted freshly made too!

Beer-battered Vidalia Onion Rings ($6) with bbq sauce and ranch to dip in.  These were a bit soggy and a bit greasy.  Not my favorite, I prefer rings with breading which tend to have more crunch.

Baked Mac & Cheese ($10) four cheese sauce, ham hock, herbs with chunks of tillamook cheddar & gruyere crust.  This was very good and cheesy, full of satisfying textures and flavors.

We couldn’t resist the Ipswich Fried Clams ($10) served with tartar sauce & lemon zest.  I loved the tender sweet strips, the batter was crunchy and chewy and very good dipped in the rich tangy sauce.

A few people wanted to order main courses, so we shared the Maine Lobster Roll ($25) tossed in lobster butter with fresh herbs & dijon aioli.  Served With seasoned fries and a small salad.  It was a generous mound of lobster tucked into an authentic split top bun and quite delicious.

Golden Gate All-natural Burger ($14) a big double decker topped with fried bacon & American cheese, served with season fries and small salad.

The meal satisfied all of my fried food cravings!  At the end of the night, we were stuffed silly and then my good friend JT whipped out a variety of boxes filled with mini cupcakes from Mission Mini.  I forgot to take pictures of them, so you’ll have to take my word that they were delicious.
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