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by foodhoe on November 27, 2012

970 Detroit Ave, Concord, CA 94518 | 925.825.8504 | website

Along Monument Boulevard in Concord, the options for Mexican food are plentiful, but there is one spot in particular that is you should know about.  It is located in a business park which is so far off the beaten track that when I drove my co-workers out there, they began to jest that I was planning on taking them out or somesuch other unpleasant business.  Ha!  How did I find this obscure spot you ask?  They are very highly rated on which turns out to be an invaluable research tool out in the far reaches so I can skip over the 1-2 star rated eateries.

They have a nice outside patio, but the owner Umberto, warned us that flies will swarm the table and advised us to sit inside instead.  The dining room is comfortable and clean, and my co-worker Eric was stoked to see that they have the agua fresca Jamaica (pronounced  /xaˈmajka), which is made from hibiscus.   All of the food is cooked daily with fresh ingredients, and each table is served a brightly flavorful salsa  with a basket of crisp chips that are refilled upon request.

On one of my first visits, my dad coveted the Super Nachos ($6.50) that he saw on another table, so we had to order that.  I haven’t had super nachos in years.  It was a very fine rendition, a huge pile of freshly grilled chicken, jalapeno, salsa picante, melted cheese, beans, a scoop of freshly made guacamole and sour cream over a bed of crunchy tortilla chips.  We gobbled it up and didn’t have that soggy quagmire mess that can happen with nachos.

The Chile Relleno ($9.50) are cooked to order and arrived fresh from the fryer – two Pasilla peppers oozing with cheese and covered in a light savoryspicy sauce.  The rice and beans are exceptional too, I would just come here for the rice and beans…

Here is the Pork Tamal ($2.50) that my coworker Chris graciously shared with us.  It was luscious, the steamed corn dough exterior was covered in a deep rich red sauce and melted cheese, and inside was full of tender slow cooked pork.

The Enchiladas Mexicanas  ($7.95) are filled with shredded chicken, then dipped in red sauce, served with lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole & sour cream and are very good, although I must remember to ask for more sauce next time…  And yes this is a Lytro shot, so please feel free to click around!

My co-workers Chris and Rori had it with the house specialty Salsa Verde and both found that they liked this better than the red sauce…

The beastly Wet Burrito ($6.75), filled with choice of meat, beans, rice, cheddar jack cheese, lettuce, sour cream & guacamole and covered with red sauce

The Shrimp Taco ($3.50) was filled with big chunks of freshly cooked shrimp tossed with mild salsa on a flour tortilla with shredded iceberg lettuce & Pico de Gallo, topped with thick slices of avocado.  It was light and refreshing, a lime wedge and spicy radish are served on the side to provide additional kick.

One of my favorite items was the Mexico City Style taco ($1.50) with choice of meat on mini corn tortillas, served with cilantro, minced onion & mild salsa.  I had the lengua, which had a rich silky texture that was so good with the fresh onion, herbs and squeeze of lime.

The specialty of the house is the El Molcajete a bubbling cauldron filled with grilled chicken, steak, chorizo, chopped cactus and onions in a spicy roasted salsa which is topped with oaxaca cheese.  It comes alongside with their very toothsome rice and beans.  It’s big spicy and robust, perfect for sharing in this chilly winter weather.

This comes with their special handmade tortillas, which I wanted to eat plain with butter.

I’m still playing around with the panoramic feature on my camera phone, that’s Umberto on the left bringing out some plates of food.  He is the nicest fellow, he was super responsive and helpful when I smashed my dad’s hand in the car door, quickly providing me with a bucket of ice to reduce the damage.  Because of this he remembers me and asks about my Pops!  Anyways, the restaurant is well worth seeking out for their excellent and well prepared Mexican cuisine and friendly service.

Hours:  Mon-Fri 10 am – 7 pm;  Sat 10 am – 3 pm; closed Sunday

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