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by foodhoe on June 10, 2013

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I wanted to share an exciting food spot in the Walnut Creek area, which has been just a little too far flung to gain the interest of the incredible food trucks that are out in force in the Bay Area supplying an array of epicurean delights to their devoted followers. I stalk them on twitter and facebook to find out where to get my next fix of good grub, but to date Bishop Ranch at San Ramon has been the farthest outpost that the cool trucks go, so I am very excited to have found a promising truck that is making the rounds out here in Coco county. A co-worker pointed this one out to me, she was driving behind them and followed them to the local Shadelands business park and was very excited to report that the Tempura Tilapia Banh Mi she had was delicious. I consulted the oracle of the interwebs to look up more information about the sited Blue Saigon Vietnamese Fusion Grill Truck, and the next day I put them in my GPS and headed out to check them out. They were easy to find in a big parking lot, and I ordered the Trio of Tacos (1 for $3/3 for $8), Shaking Beef Taco, marinated Angus steak on a corn tortilla with cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce and miso aioli.  The beef was a bit chewy but very flavorful.


The Pulled Pork Taco was my favorite of the three, filled with sweet and savory, tender slow cooked pork on a corn tortilla with pickled carrots and daikon, romaine lettuce and miso aioli.


The Tempura Tilapia Taco was a close second, big pieces of crispy battered and fried tilapia fish on a corn tortilla with pickled carrots, daikon, romaine lettuce and cajun aioli.


So far, my numero uno favorite dish is the Fried Spam with kettle bacon served over steamed rice ($7) that was served with an almond salad made with romaine lettuce, sliced grape tomatoes, carrot and daikon, crispy noodles and sliced almonds tossed in a sweet vinegary asian dressing, with fried egg for an extra $1. I asked chef Nguyen what kettle bacon was and he replied that it was sweet salty and crunchy just like kettle corn… Wow, he wasn’t kidding, it was like crazy bacon candy! I cut into the egg and mixed the yolk into the rice, drizzled hoisin and sriracha sauce over it and tucked in. My tastebuds and I were transported into a far away happy place and I will definitely order this if I ever see it on the menu again.


For more traditional Vietnamese fare, there is the Pulled Pork Banh Mi ($7), full of the wweet and savory slow cooked pork in a hollowed out baguette with pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, cucumber, jalapeno and aioli.


Seafood Banh Mi ($7), crab meat mixture made with pureed onion, celery and cilantro in a hollowed out baguette with pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, cucumber, jalapeno and aioli


l really enjoyed the Cup of Chicken Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup) $7, topped with shredded rotisserie chicken, full of pillowy rice noodles mixed with cilantro and fried onion in a flavorful and aromatic soup. They even had little containers for sriracha and hoisin to go. I was surprised at how good this cup to go was!


The Sweet Chili Mango ($2.50) was super tart and just a bit spicy, but I prefer the sweeter version of mango with sticky rice and sweetened condensed milk over this…  oops, but is that a Thai dessert?


There are so many more delicious sounding dishes to be had like Garlic Noodles with Glazed Prawns, Shaking Beef Nachos and the elusive daily special of Curry Chicken over Rice that is always sold out by the time I get there.  So, look for these guys, they are out in the Shadelands business park only Weds – Friday from 11-2, the locations vary so check out their twitter feed for the definitive word. They participate in other food truck events in Oakland and beyond, but I’m so glad that they are serving it up out in the Creek!



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Rosa June 10, 2013 at 8:46 am

Mouthwatering! I particularly like that taco.




Ben @Focus:Snap:Eat June 12, 2013 at 10:45 am

I used to work next door to Shadelands Park in Walnut Creek. I wished this truck was parked there when I was looking for lunch!


foodhoe June 18, 2013 at 6:30 am

really? Did you take a shuttle or have a car then? That’s not so close to public transportation. I’m on the prowl to find a BBQ truck that is also serving Shadelands, but haven’t found them yet!


Row June 13, 2013 at 8:27 pm

Kettle bacon! And spam with egg! Excellent combination!!! 😀


United Bites December 18, 2013 at 4:01 pm

Would love to have you out to taste our food at our relatively new food truck United Bites. Ask for Adam, he will make sure to steer you in yummy direction. 🙂


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