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by foodhoe on November 7, 2014

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I was recently contacted by Dave Gadlin who is launching Dave’s Meat  & Nuts out of Napa Valley, offering to send me some samples of his meat and nuts for me to try, to which I immediately responded yes!  This is one of the perks for all of the obsessive chronicling of food that I do here on this site.


Dave’s goal is to get his meat and nuts in as many mouths as possible.  He just launched a kickstarter campaign this week  in order to raise funds to get his operation up and running on a full scale production level.  I was not compensated in any way other than receiving the above samples and I do not personally know Dave the Chief Executive Nut/Jerk.  But I’m really glad he reached out to me, because I loved his products, especially the beef jerky, and feel the need to share the love.  This exercise also brought to my attention the fact that I haven’t posted about beef jerky in six years!  Click here for that long ago post and go ahead, click the link below to watch Dave’s heartfelt pitch about his awesome meat and nuts.

The nuts are all roasted almonds from California hand selected for both flavor and texture.  There was a mix of sweet and savory, Honey Raspberry (top left), Citrus Chili (upper right), Butter Toffee (lower left) and Honey Cinnamon (lower right).  Tasty treats for sure, our favorite was the savory Citrus Chili which disappeared immediately.


I received three types of jerky, these two are moist samples, the one on the foreground is Smoked Beef Jerky with Ghost Pepper and the one behind it is Root Beer Habanero.  Now I must tell you that both of these peppers are heavy hitters in the scovillian heat/pain index and I was worried that I would suffer like GloZell (if you haven’t seen her eat a Habanero pepper, click here, it’s gross but hilarious).  I had Mr. K sample first because he is my spicy tester.  He generally finds jerky to be dry, flavorless and hard to swallow, but these moist and meaty bits were so tender and flavorful that he actually suggested that we buy more!  We think that they really should be called meat candy, and let me tell you, you want to put this in your mouth!  The habanero was spicy, my lips and tongue tingled from the heat but not painfully.  I nibbled the ghost pepper and felt the force of its heat blasting at my tender tastebuds, but in a playful friendly manner although like the ocean in Hawaii, you should never turn your back to it…


My favorite was the Cinnamon Jerk Jerky, it had a mesmerizing aroma and a fine smoky flavor laced with exotic spices, a lovely sweetness balanced with a tease of chili pepper.  This was quite addictive I warn you!  Dave sources all natural grass fed – grain finished beef from northern California and southern Oregon and works with a 4th generation company who processes his recipes in a real smoke house.  I love that the jerky has no preservatives, no nitrates, is all natural, gluten free and is still tasty as all get out. A


I am so smitten with the Cinnamon Jerk jerky that I’m making a pledge on Dave’s kickstarter campaign because I want to ensure that I’ll be able to get more of it.  Check out the chart below, even small funders will receive some love, and Dave says that he will be able to deliver the rewards in time for the holidays.

dave’s meat and nuts kickstarter cheat sheet


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