I am the personal valet to three cats. All of their names are inspired by my favorite sushi… First, let me introduce Ika, which is squid in Japanese, who is a gruff old man cat tabby.

Tall and lean, his favorite activity is napping… he is fourteen years old after all, so he needs time to contemplate life and things. He often can be found in this funny position

This is Maki, a black and white man cat who resembles a sushi roll made of plain white rice wrapped up in a black sheet of toasted nori. He is a handsome cat, his black and white pattern looks like he is wearing a tuxedo. I especially love the white markings under his nose that looks like a lopsided bow tie.

Saba is my girl kitty, a tiny little cat with a rumpled tail, which is apparently common with large litters.

In the womb crowded in with many siblings, a delicate tail is broken and settles into an adorable crinkle.

Saba is the Japanese word for mackerel, which has a silvery skin and my grandmother used to make us sabazushi nigiri for a special treat. Her fur has a silvery sheen and she has lovely brown eyes.

She is quite fearless and curious too, very prone to getting into mischief

Saba and Maki are brother and sister and often can be found expressing kitty love.

Maki is all about spreading the kitty love…

The shiso is blooming in the garden right now and I imagine my old girl out there romping in the sun…


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