The Sandwiches at Houstons

by foodhoe on May 26, 2008

previous visits: aug 07; jan 07

I visited here with my frequent lunching crew of JT, DDR and P last week. We all had scheduling issues, so P and I walked over early thinking we could snag a table only to find that they won’t seat your party until everyone is there. The restaurant was pretty empty, but filled up quickly as we waited. Eventually we decided to eat at the bar so that we could place our orders since some of us had to be back to the office for meetings. The bartendress’s were so nice, one of them tactfully pointed out that I had a big dried leaf on my head. It was a bit mortifying, but we did walk along the nicely shaded boulevard with all of those dang trees. Anyways, she laid out white linen napkins on the counter so we looked a little less frumpy.

Everyone finally arrived agreeing that the bar was fine. JT was starving so she asked for some bread. I read that with the rising costs of grains that bread prices are going through the roof, so now most restaurants only serve bread on request. They still serve their rustic focaccia stacked on a pool of olive oil infused with herbs and a small handful of olives, almonds and crisp slices of fennel. What a delightful combination!

Look at this icy cold and refreshing glass of water…

Ahhh, I finally got the Grilled Ahi Burger that I had been craving. The burger is made from chopped tuna mixed with some herbs and vegetables, then coated with breadcrumbs and spices and griddled until it develops a nice crunchy exterior, but the inside is juicy and very tender.

It’s luscious and meaty but succulent, the texture is similar to seared tuna and I can’t get enough of it, although this time I didn’t get any pickles…

And I ordered a caesar salad on the side instead of fries because I’m seriously feeling chubby after months of prolonged gluttony! Good thing that we got bikes to burn off some of the muffintop pudge… I don’t know if you can tell, but there was way too much dressing on this and the cheese looked like it came out of a green tinfoil covered shaker… It was harsh and bitter and so I promptly reached over and began to help JT with her big pile o’ fries.

The fries are cut thin and in the revered style of McD’s that we all love. JT seemed very happy with her Cheeseburger, although she ended up discarding the bun at some point claiming there was too much bulk.

DDr’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich looked delicious, sprinkled with with spices and with two plump filets.

P had the French Dip Sandwich, which is the other sandwich from Houston’s that I get cravings for…

It’s generously proportioned and perfectly cooked.

The prices are rather high, I generally spend about $20 for lunch, so it’s not an everyday sort of place, but there are plenty of groups of office workers as well as a few tourists. We never seem to get there early enough to grab one of the outside patio tables, which have lovely views of the Embarcadero and bay.

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rowena May 27, 2008 at 5:24 am

Bread on request??? If they even think of trying that here at the better restaurants, some people will be losing business. Italians. And their bread. I feel so bad now when I sneak it into my handbag so that I can feed the swans at the lake.

I’m gonna swipe that idea of the olives with almonds.


R-G. Martineau May 27, 2008 at 5:42 am

Delighted to see that you also have tuna hamburgers over there! They are very rare but exceptionally popular here!
Restaurants serve bread only on request? Blimey!
But as for the chips, I prefer wedges fried with their skins!
Great pics as usual!
Bo appetit!

R-G. Martineaus last blog post..LE CAFE-LABO:クラシック。ケーキ(2)


grace May 27, 2008 at 6:33 am

boy, that’s a good-looking glass o’ water. 🙂

seriously, those sammiches are huge and meaty–very exciting!

graces last blog post..pasketti sauce


foodhoe May 27, 2008 at 9:02 am

Rowena, yep on request… I guess we’re used to having to ask for water too at cheaper restaurants for some years now. You just have to remember or go hungry!
R-G, Thanks, and then would the wedge be the real french fry shape then?
Grace, Why thanks! Yeah that water looked so good I had to put it up!


Single Guy Chef May 28, 2008 at 11:45 am

Now you’ve got me craving for that tuna sandwich. Are they just as busy on the weekends? Aren’t they a chain? I think I ate there a long time ago and remembered that their artichoke specialty was fantastic!

Single Guy Chefs last blog post..Travel Dish: Shokudo Japanese Restaurant & Bar (Honolulu)


taste memory girl May 28, 2008 at 3:09 pm

I’m thinking this is a chain? But that bread + olives w. oil oil thing is a great start….totally agree about cravings for their french dip sandwich….i’m in!

taste memory girls last blog post..Crazy Coconut Cravings: Ways to crack, save the juice + appendages intact . . . .


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