Fries with Eyes

I wanted to highlight this whimsical dish that we ordered at a favorite lunchspot in Chinatown, Hing Lung, the greasy spoon restaurant with the amazing congee.  Now at first glance this looks like a plate of not very uniformly shaped french fries, but it is in fact, Fried Anchovies with Crispy Taro.

For some reason, I had expected the anchovies to be coated in a layer of sticky taro and fried, something more like a corn dog or at least more dumplingesque – like dimsum, but when this plate showed up at the table, I heard StevieB muttering fries with eyes…

I agree, the fried anchovies look like little hand puppet french fries don’t they?  And they were very good, although I had to convince StevieB, who eyed the plate doubtfully, that he should imagine himself eating Gorton’s Crunchy Golden Fish Sticks.

That’s what they reminded me of, those oven fried treats that I ate as a child, dipped in ketchup.  The crispy taro were exactly like regular french fries, just a little denser and a bit starchier.  Although the anchovy appeared to be whole fish, you really couldn’t discern the tails or bones, they tasted just like tiny little fish sticks battered and fried, glistening with delicious crystals of msg. Yummy fish and chips!

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