A mini-oyster crawl in the French Quarter

by foodhoe on January 20, 2015

We are oyster lovers and were delighted to find so many oyster bars in New Orleans all offering a myriad of delicious preparations to tempt us with.  We were anxious to get acquainted with the local fresh plump oysters from the gulf, so we made the rounds at a few nearby oyster bars where we enjoyed them shucked to order and served with all the fixings.  All of the oysters we had that night were from Area 3 St. Bernard Parish, below Lake Borgne.


Our first stop was at the Royal House Oyster Bar, 441 Royal Street. We were staying at the Hotel Le Marais, which is in the French Quarter and walking distance to everything.  We loved the dark wood paneling and open feel at the bar, it was warm and welcoming as if we were hanging out in a neighborhood spot.


This is our server, she was kept busy shucking oysters.  The best thing about sitting at the counter is that your server is right there if you need anything.  We loved the prices, which were $13-15 for a dozen, and it wasn’t even happy hour!


Our oyster platter arrived, served icy cold and simply with cocktail sauce, a big dollop of spicy horseradish and some fresh lemon wedges.  There are additional hot sauces, ketchup and mayo if you so desire.


The oysters are very mild, sweet and plump and are delicious plain or gussied up.  I loved them with a squeeze of lemon juice and a good dose of hot sauce.

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The next stop was Acme Oyster House, 724 Iberville St website.  This is everybody’s favorite place to get oysters in the French Quarter.  It was packed and noisy, and we were seated in the back since we didn’t want to wait in line for the oysterbar.  The room was garishly lit with neon lights, and loud music was playing in tandem with multiple flat screen tvs blaring a football game that had the entire room yelling and hooting.


We had three different hot sauces from local hot sauce manufacturer Tabasco: a bottle of the original Tabasco pepper sauce, a Chipotle Tabasco, and a Buffalo Style sauce.


These oysters were equally sweet and plump, I mentioned it was like being kissed by the sea on Instagram…  They did not give us extra horseradish, and since we were seated at a table in the back room, we didn’t see our server for awhile to ask for anything.  So, while we loved these oysters, I’m not a sports bar girl, so I didn’t find the setting to be as nice as the previous spot.

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We decided to check out Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar, 739 Iberville Street, because it is just across the street from Acme and is even more highly recommended.


We sat at the counter where we found the no-nonsense ambiance to be a relief.


By this point, we ordered just a half dozen, and our server hooked us up with a couple extra.  These were served simply with just a few lemon wedges.  At each place at the counter was a container of horseradish and some hot sauce and a bowl of saltines, which you’re supposed to put the oyster on along with the fixings.  We had achieved bivalve bliss and agreed that these were the best oysters of the evening, in the most enjoyable setting.  I would pass on the lines for Acme and go to Felix’s where you can enjoy the conversation of your  shucker and the company of the folks sitting at the bar.

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Ben @Focus:Snap:Eat January 20, 2015 at 9:16 am

So fun to do an oyster crawl in New Orleans! Interesting how you got the range of ambiance along with the fresh oysters!


Kirk January 21, 2015 at 6:03 pm

That’s awesome FH!


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