A Fantastic Tasting Menu at Alexander’s Steakhouse in Cupertino

I grew up in the Peninsula and always marvel when I visit the South Bay because it is has gone so upscale with the proliferation of tech companies that is parodied so well in the excellent show Silicon Valley.

We got a close up look at this when we visited Alexander’s Steakhouse last weekend to check out their new location in the swanky new Main Street Cupertino Center, which has many food and wine options, including my favorite Philz Coffee.

The sleek and modern 12,500-square-foot space seats 200 and includes five private dining rooms, one with a fireside lounge, another is located at the far end away from the hustle and bustle and geared for business meetings and there’s a large area that can be broken up into smaller more intimate rooms.  There’s exhibition kitchen with chef’s table, and an on-site Alexander’s Patisserie.

There are 3 sommeliers on staff and the impressive glassed-in wine vault holds 7,000 bottles and is a focal point in all of the dining rooms.

The bar offers an amazing assortment of high end  and rare whiskies that can be difficult to find, or are quite old (pretty much top shelf everything), and the bartenders take the craft of mixology very seriously.

Alexander’s is a high-end modern steakhouse that specializes in dry aged beef and Wagyu from America and Australia as well as from Japan.  Their menu offers choices from both land and sea that are elegantly prepared with refined Japanese techniques and flavors.  All of the dining rooms are filled with bright natural light and the tall ceilings add a feeling of graceful spaciousness.  When you enter the restaurant, the first thing you see is a climate-controlled display with slabs of beef at various stages in the aging process, the menu features 28-day dry-aged steaks for unparalleled flavor.

Next to the case is an exhibition area where you can see a butcher cutting up smaller slabs of meat, which end up as the display items in a case full of gorgeous well-marbled T-bones, bone in filet mignon, and porterhouse steaks.

In the top case are the wondrously marbled slabs of Wagyu, ranging from F1 from Australia and the US, and then a selection of A5 which is the top grade Japanese beef from a variety of prefectures, sold in three ounce increments.  Below is the Miyazaki A5 wagyu, which is $120 for a 3 oz serving.  The highly marbled flesh is laced with fat in a snowflake-like pattern which makes each bite luxuriously rich and flavorful.  And for the record, Alexander’s is one of the eight restaurants in the US that are certified for selling Kobe beef.

We came on a Saturday for lunch and most of the clientele were families enjoying the $45 three-course prix fixe and the overall vibe was comfortably casual.  I imagine that weekdays and nights have more suits and high rolling executives closing deals on the company tab…  We were excited when our server told us that Chef Jared Montarbo had planned a tasting menu for us along with wine pairings as we were dining as guests of the house.  He brought two stems and poured us a bright and fruity Sancerre that woke up our taste buds as we sipped.  He returned with an amuse bouche from the kitchen, small cups of roasted tomato basil soup served with thin parmesan crisps that we couldn’t stop eating.

The original Hamachi Shot is their signature appetizer made with truffled ponzu, paper thin slices of fresno chili, ginger and wasabi greens.  We were instructed to mix it up and to take it all in one big gulp.  The ponzu was lively and bright and deeply fragrant from the truffle oil, it made my tastebuds sing and was perfect with the Sancerre.


The next dish had three luscious squares of Bigeye Tuna Sashimi dotted with caramelized onion confit and drizzled with a rich and tantalizingly fragrant soy, ginger-sesame ponzu.  There was a small mound of intensely red salmon roe that made a stunning contrast on a brilliantly fuschia slice of watermelon radish, some pickled ginger, fresh microplaned wasabi, shredded daikon and kaiware (daikon sprout) with shiso leaf on the plate.  Everything was fresh and beautiful to look at and just because I hardly ever get fresh wasabi, I put a little bit on every single bite.  We enjoyed this with a Gruner Veltliner from Austria which was refreshingly acidic

The heirloom tomato salad was another beautiful arrangement, one thick slice of juicy tomato next to a pile of it chopped, topped with masago arare, which are tiny round toasted rice pearls that added a delectable crunchy texture, pungent micro shiso leaves, seabeans, paper thin slices of shaved radish and garnished with yuzu miso dressing and piped knobs of rich burrata cheese.

I didn’t expect much with the gyu kushiyaki, which looked like your basic beef teriyaki skewer, but the pieces of prime flat iron were succulent and tender with an excellent char, shiny with a sweet savory soy mirin glaze, sprinkled with pungent bits of fried garlic.

Between each dish our table was cleared and crumbs removed, in preparation for the next course.  The plate was cozily crowded with thick slices of Wagyu hanger steak topped with pieces of buttery marrow and served over Marrow Mustard Butter, an entire head of roasted garlic, dressed watercress, and wonderful shoestring potatoes dusted with shaved parmesan.

We were so full but the dramatic desserts were impossible to resist.  The Monkey Business ($15) was a beautiful hollow globe of Dulce de Leche white chocolate, that melted away when warm dark chocolate sauce was poured over it, exposing the interior which was filled with banana custard, peanuts, and vanilla ice cream.  It was absolutely gorgeous to look at as well as being delicious and fun to eat.

Amazing end to an amazing meal, the fabulous Monkey Business dessert, a gorgeous sphere of dulcey white chocolate with dark chocolate sauce, banana custard, peanuts, vanilla ice cream. Thanks for such a fabulous menu of tastes @alexanderssteakhousesv #alexanderssteakhousesv . . . . . #topcitybites #eeeeeats #foodcoma #foodpics #instafood #instaeats #foodiehub #myfab5 #foodporn #feedfeed #ate_it #foodpornography #gloobyfood #noms #eatthis #foodstagram #hellayummy #delicious #mealbae #forkyeah #foodgawker

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We plowed our way through the Black Forest ($15) a rich dark chocolate pudding garnished with tart cherry coulis, bright green pieces of pistachio sponge cake, and a dramatic shard of pistachio glass.

And then they brought us their signature ending, a poof of cotton candy!

The service was great, the staff was friendly and knowledgeable and all were eager to please.  We floated out, blissfully sated and made a beeline to Philz Coffee for a much needed caffeine fix after that feast, and halfway home, I realized that we completely forgot to stop off at the patisserie…  That just means that we will have to save up the piggy bank to go back to sample some Wagyu along with their famous uni fried rice and to check out the sweet treats.  Thank you Alexander’s and staff for the wonderful meal and warm friendly hospitality, we had such a great time!

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