I don’t forage in the traditional sense, I do my foraging in restaurants.

There are so many delicious bites to experience in the Bay Area, join me as I explore menus, search out specialties and fabled dishes, and share them here with you.

Occasionally I post my favorite recipes, but mostly I’m out there eating and taking photos along the way.

The information that I post may resemble restaurant reviews, but I’m not a critic; I am an enthusiast and tend to focus on things that I like about a restaurant or meal.

All of these meals are paid for on my dime, and shhhhh, I admit that I regularly peruse the boards at Chowhound for inspiration and occasionally resort to consulting the unreliable oracle called Yelp to research recommended dishes…


I have an avid interest in photography.  If you haven’t already read this fantastic post on Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen, you should.

It is an excellent resource on home lighting techniques that has proven to be revelatory for me. I bought a single Lowel EGO light and keep it in my kitchen for taking pics of food, which I do very rarely I might add…

My main cameras right now are :

iPhone 7+ I love the depth of field setting and the bigger screen.

Panasonic Lumix G2, it’s not a DSLR but accepts interchangeable micro four-thirds lenses.

My favorite lens for food photography is the Leica 45 mm.

It takes beautiful pictures but has some serious limitations.

like I generally have to be around 2-3 feet back from the plate for a super closeup shot!

I am saving up in my piggy bank for the superfast Voigtlander .95 lens.

I often eat at restaurants at night, most of which have dim mood lighting, so sometimes I use the flashlight feature on my phone for additional illumination.

So, yeah, that crazy person using her phone as a flashlight at the table across the room last night at the restaurant you dined at?

That was probably me…